GPS for the JLT!!!

Update: this package is no longer available. New smartphone apps have addressed the issues below and are a lot cheaper and a lot easier to use (Google Maps, which many smartphone apps use, are much better than they used to be). The only good map package for the Axim is quite expensive, and the separate Bluetooth GPS receivers required by the system are quickly going the way of the dinosaurs. I simply don't feel I can offer a package worth the price I'd have to charge for this.

Available now for use with the X51V version of the Complete System. The basic details:

In the age of smartphones, why would I want or need this?

In short, I'd say that if you live and spend most of your time in larger cities, the advantages of the JLT GPS system are fewer and probably not worth the extra cost if you already have a smartphone with Google Maps. If you live in a fairly rural area or spend a lot of time out in nature, on the other hand, the JLT GPS package will serve you much better.

Top of the line GPS receiver and datalogger. Connects wirelessly to the PDA and interfaces with software on the PDA. Also, even when not connected to the PDA, keeps an internal log. You can upload this to your computer via Bluetooth wireless; the GPS includes software you can then use to Geotag your digital photos. Simply turn the GPS on and toss it in your camera bag when you go out to shoot, then upload the photos and log to your computer and the software will add the exact location each photo was shot to the photo's information.  You can then upload your photos (or your hikes) to Google Earth and other services. Includes car and wall charging adapters so you can recharge it anywhere (and keep it and the PDA running continuously and fully charged in your car--this was my main car navi system for years, and even now it's more accurate and detailed than the big built-in unit that came with my current car).

Pocket Mapple Digital, complete maps of Japan (part of the Super Mapple Digital software package). The included Super Mapple Digital for the desktop is awful, but PocketMapple on the PDA and the maps themselves are excellent and simple to use. Maps are far more detailed and usable than other Japan navi packages: many buildings and building names in the cities; useful things like hospitals, post offices, gas stations, restaurants, and stores; and 10 m topo lines and hiking trails for when you're out in the country; placenames are in Japanese. Also, outside of major cities, Pocket Mapple maps generally provide more detail and are often more up-to-date than the Google Maps which most phone and tablet mapping apps use: Google maps is often missing smaller streets and gives you much less off-road information. Software interface is in Japanese but quite simple (you can do all the important functions through icons anyway). Doesn't have automatic route planning or turn-by-turn directions (i.e., "Turn left in 30 meters"); instead it shows a realistic looking map, like a detailed paper map, with a big arrow showing where you are and which way you're going. You can manually enter your own route or simply markers ("Turn left here," "Ami's house"), and you can have Mapple track your route and save it for you to follow again later. Take a look at my documentation to get an idea of what the program looks like and how to use it. Please note that I install and support the Pocket Mapple Digital program on the JLT Dictionary PDA (Axim X51V); I don't use the included Super Mapple Digital desktop program and I can't help with it--but if you have Windows 7 or 8 and can get the desktop program running and want to play with it yourself, it does offer point-to-point route planning (doesn't work well, which is why I don't bother) and the ability to download up-to-date construction, road closure, etc. info, all of which can be uploaded to the Axim.

About Memory: The standard 16 GB SDHC card will easily hold all the dictionaries and maps with about 4 GB of free space left over.

Installation: For customers in Japan, there is no installation or set-up necessary. Your JLT PDA will come with the software and the wireless connection between the GPS receiver and the PDA all set up and ready to use. For customers outside of Japan, weird shipping rules mean I'll have a GPS unit sent directly to you from a retailer in your country; when you get, you'll have to do a simple, a minute set up routine the first time you use it (but never again after that). I even include a backup file to restore that set-up and all necessary settings automatically in case you lose anything in a crash or accidentally make a change you can't figure out how to undo.

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