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For simplicity, I've split this page into several sections. The "Complete System" section is for customers who want to buy a Complete System, a pocket computer with the dictionary software and all the dictionaries all included and set up, ready to use right out of the box. Optional dictionaries and accessories for the various flavors of the Complete System are listed with the relevant systems. The "Dictionaries for Download" section is for customers who just wish to buy dictionaries to use on their own equipment (smartphone, tablet, computer). "General Ordering Information" is for everybody. If you'd just like to ask the proprietor a question, please enter it in the inquiry box at the very bottom of this page or in the box on any of the order pages.


Click here for prices and information on or to order any of the JLT or other dictionaries we offer.

Our crown jewel is the JLT version of Eijiro. Dictionaries can be downloaded or sent by mail. See the pages below for information on using the JLT dictionaries, including Eijiro:

The standard JLT dictionaries (Edict, Conjugations, Enamdict, Kanjidic, and Readings) are available to download for free.

The Complete System

The JLT Complete System is a computer (PDA) with a high Speed SD card, including the dictionary software, the JLT version of Eijiro, Edict, Conjugations, Enamdict, Kanjidic, and Readings dictionaries all installed and ready to use.  There are two choices of pocket computer: the Dell Axim X51V and the Dell Axim X30. Both are refurbished and perform (and last) like brand new (the X30s also look like brand new, while the X51Vs may show some minor signs of use), and all include excellent Japanese support. Why get a PDA-based dictionary rather than just an app on your phone? First, some people work or study in places where cell phones or devices with cameras aren't allowed.  Also, if you use the handwriting recognition feature often, then many people find writing with a fine, precise stylus easier and faster than trying to paint complex kanji with their fingertips on a phone screen.  Finally, if you don't have a suitable smartphone and don't want to buy one just to use as a dictionary, a PDA-based system is much less expensive (cheaper to buy and no monthly service bills).   Here are the PDA options:

For technical information on the different PDAs, see here.

General Ordering Information

Warranty: 30 day money-back guarantee, 1 year hardware warranty on refurbished systems, six months on used, free support for all systems for at least 3 years from date of purchase. See here for more details.

Payment Options: Customers in Japan can pay by registered cash mail (genkin kakitome [現金書留]) from the post office, by wire transfer from a Japanese ATM (furikomi [振込み]), or by COD (Complete Systems only; 350 yen extra)–these three methods are fast, safe, and fairly cheap, but for small orders they'll cost you more than PayPal.  Customers anywhere in the world (including Japan) can pay by Paypal.  Paypal accepts credit and debit cards, checks, and direct debits from your bank (depending on your country). PayPal is a safe and reliable way to pay; if you're not familiar with PayPal, please see my advice about using the service. Once you've submitted your order, I'll send more detailed payment instructions.

Shipping: Unless otherwise noted, I try to ship within 5 business days of payment (or confirmation of a COD order). Download orders will be ready within 24 hours of payment. Japanese Language Tools is located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  Complete System prices include domestic shipping; of course, there's no shipping charge to download a dictionary; other shipping charges are listed on the order forms. JLT is not responsible for any customs duties or VAT charged by your country.

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